Goldie Sommer is a great attorney

August 31st, 2012 - Posted by Admin

The law requires people to be objective and knowledgeable, so it is no surprise that Goldie Sommer is a respected lawyer in many ways. She has been working in the legal field for many years and is exactly the type of attorney people seek help from. She is a resourceful attorney who lives and works in Fairfield, New Jersey. She works at, and is a named partner at, a law firm in Fairfield, New Jersey, called Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys at Law. This is a very successful, respected, law firm—but it would not be as successful if Goldie Sommer were not involved. She has been a crucial part of the leadership for the firm and has helped to make Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys at Law into the firm it is today.

Goldie Sommer is a great attorney, but she is not just an attorney. She is a real estate agent too, which gives her a unique understanding of the real estate market from a lawyer’s perspective. Or, alternatively, a unique understanding of the law from the perspective of a real estate agent. The truth is that she is able to blend these two interests and offer a unique perspective in many ways. As a licensed real estate agent, Goldie Sommer has a keen understanding of the housing market. In the midst of a recession, this is a good bit of knowledge for a lawyer to have. There is a severe need for real estate law specialists today. Just think of how many legal disputes involve real estate property today and that will clue you in to how many specialists are needed. Additionally, there are many legal forms that must be looked over when it comes to real estate transactions. Goldie Sommer understands even the most complicated processes by which real estate is transacted or sold.

Goldie Sommer is a respected professional who is confident in the courtroom. She has, on several occasions, been asked to serve as an expert witness in cases having to do with real estate. She has also been a mediator for the Better Business Bureau.

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